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Who are we?

We are proven Fitness experts who bring our effective personal training experience to you in a specifically designed class format to achieve superior outcomes and maximize results.

Who are Zone Body Fit?

ZoneBodyFit is a proven established alternative to existing fitness classes run by proven personal trainers. The classes are a unique combination of Hiit, circuits, and functional training designed to accomplish a variety of fitness goals.

Designed for:

45-minute classes that are designed to be fun, intense, and effective to burn the maximum calories in the minimum time. Goals can range from fat loss to lean muscle gain to improving general fitness.

Our Classes

Targetted muscle zones

Choose the body parts you want to target with our calorie burning workouts!


Group Training

Train with other motivated people giving you that extra push you need to achieve your goals


45 Minutes

Burn the maximum calories in our 45 minute intense classes


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